The Top Five Most-Used Text Editors

With the need for improvements in text editors, the current crop of text editors is being continuously updated, while several more are being added every year to the list that already exists.

Yet there are some text editors that continue to be used for the reason that they are able to meet the needs of their users adequately, and here is a list these text editors:

#1: Notepad

There is no doubt that this text editor is the most popularly used these days. Since it can recognize both right-to-left and left-to-right languages, it does not support any styles or formats, thus, making it very useful if you want to edit a file which has text in it. Alternatively, despite its usability, this text editor is not able to read MAC or UNIX-based files.

#2: Textmate

This text editor is one of the most commonly used ones for screenwriting, and has been developed as a part of the MAC OS X offered by Apple. With features such as declarable customizations and tabs for open documents, it is not able to support right-to-left languages, variable-width or wide fonts, and works slower when working with larger files.

#3: Vim

This text editor is considered to be one of the best text editors around that is compatible with not only Windows and Mac but also Linux. Most experts consider this text editor to be an excellent tool for programmers. Since its functions make it so easy to use and with features that can only be considered extensible, trying this text editor is a good idea.

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