The Main Components of a Computer

A computer is made up of certain universal components that make it run and operate correctly. The first of these components is the CPU, or Central Processing Unit, which is the brain and heart of a computer system. The CPU determines the speed and power of a computer by its processor speed in MHz or GHz. The next component in a computer is the RAM, Random Access Memory. Almost as important as the CPU, the RAM also influences the power of the computer by determining the speed in which it will perform operations.

The Hard Drive is the data storage component in the computer. It is where all the information such as software, operating system, drivers, documents, program files and user created files are kept. Another important component of the computer system is its main circuit board, which is called the Motherboard. This is where all the external and internal computer components plug into. The BUS speed of the Motherboard is what determines the speed the information travels across it and the efficiency of its operations.

The Case is the part of the computer in which all its components are housed. The computer case also provides power to the components inside, as well as offer an aesthetic look to the computer overall. The last main component in a computer system is the Monitor. Available in many styles and sizes, the Monitor is where the user can see all the operations come together in the form of program and software usage.

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