Nanny Cams: The Evolution Of The Spy Camera

The spy camera has gone through various changes over the years. Perhaps the most controversial one yet is the famous nanny cam. We’ve all seen the movies and televisions shows depicting parents who use the teddy bear with the camera eye placed in strategic spots in children’s bedrooms or playrooms to spy and monitor their homes while they’re away.

More and more parents over the last few years are turning to the cleverly concealed hidden cameras to monitor their children’s caregiver’s activities while they are away from the home. They can be found in almost any innocuous household object—from potted plants to stuffed animals—because these nanny cams are made with hidden cameras’ wireless versions.

Nanny cams can carry anywhere from $100 to a whopping $500 price tag, depending on the features. There are even some nanny cams that offer remote computer access so parents don’t have to wait until they get home to check up on their kids. They can view their homes and their children in real-time whenever they want to.


The purpose of the nanny cam goes beyond mere surveillance. For parents, the safety of their children is of paramount concern to them. It’s not so much for spying on the caregivers but more for the peace of mind of parents who need to work and are unable to spend the entire day with their children. Even some daycare centers have begun installing nanny cams to give parents the option to monitor their children, even remotely, while they’re in school.

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