Microsoft Security Essentials Available for Download

After introducing Microsoft Security Essentials Beta to 75,000 beta testers, the software giant has now made its antivirus software available for free download. This beta version of the antivirus program is said to protect Windows from Malware, Spyware and computer viruses. Microsoft is targeting its Security Essentials Beta software to low bandwidth users with less powerful PCs. The company also states that it is targeting the core anti-malware features that most users do not keep up to date. The company also said that it is making the software available for free in order to lessen the cost barrier that has stopped consumers from using proper protection for their PCs in the past. However, Microsoft says that the software is not a PC tuning and backing-up suite. Instead the program is geared to provide high quality protection from Malware.

Since Microsoft’s Security Essentials is free and provides adequate protection for PC users, it may wipeout the need for users to pay for their security software. This will affect major companies like McAfee, Symantec and Arbor, whose core products have been protecting PCs from viruses and Malware for decades. However executives claimed that they do not intend to wipe out competition and point out that free solutions such as this have been around for some time. The free release comes just before the company launches its new operating system Windows 7, although it is unclear if the new Security Essentials software will come bundled with the operating system.

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