Managing Scareware

You are browsing the Internet and things are going smoothly when suddenly, a message pops up informing you that your computer is under threat and that you need to click on the link that is found within that message.

This type of message is known as Scareware and has become a common problem these days. Their true intent is basically to scare you into clicking whatever link is presented to you and thereby taking you into real danger. Whatever you do, do not believe the message, and do not click on the link.

So how did you get this message on your browser? This may not be as mysterious as you think. Let us say you downloaded some harmless little program that made Santa Clause dance on your desktop. This might have looked cute and kept you entertained for a little while. You might have even deleted the program thereafter. What you do not realize is that the “harmless” little program contained a Trojan (a type of virus) which infected you system with the Scareware. Trojans will not disappear even after uninstalling the original carrier software.

So how do you avoid Scareware? If you are experiencing Scareware, do not click on any of the links that appear. Simply close those pop-up windows, then close the browser and follow these tips. The first step is to install a Virus Scanner. This will prevent any new Trojans from entering your system and will also remove any existing Trojans in the system. Next, you should consider installing a Firewall. This will prevent any unauthorized communications from taking place. In addition to this, you can install software which hides your IP. This will ensure that your true IP does not appear to any hacker that might be out there which, in turn, means that they cannot access you system in any way.
By making sure your system is protected, you can avoid any type of Scareware from bothering you in the future.

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