How will modern technology affect soccer?

Summary: Technology is disrupting traditional industries and is now making its way into soccer. There are systems that teams use to improve performance, while referees can use GLT to confirm goals, and players now wear headbands to reduce the chance of brain trauma.

Modern technology has a disrupting effect on almost every industry it enters. Until recently, technology has had a very limited effect on sports. Now, we see technology creeping into almost every facet of sport and there will be far-reaching consequences. Here are some of the ways technology is affecting soccer:


There are systems that some of the leading soccer clubs in the world use to track player performance and improve training. One system uses devices worn by a player that track movement, acceleration, and position and a coaching team analyzes the data to improve performance. The problem is that once one a single team uses it; every other team will need something similar to remain competitive.


Goal Line Technology will revolutionize soccer matches when it goes mainstream. The pressure on soccer referees is immense, and the consequences are big when they get the decisions wrong. With the new technology, the players and fans will have more confidence in the results of the games.


There are more and more studies that show heading in soccer can result in traumatic brain injury after years of play. Thanks to the studies and improved materials science, players now wear headbands that absorb some of the shocks and will reduce the likelihood of brain trauma.

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