How to Optimize a Campaign Without Touching the Landing Page

This article was written by Pierre Zarokian

When we think about our campaign conversion rates, we tend to assume so much rides on our landing page. In reality, there are a number of changes you can make to your ads without ever touching the landing page at all.

Buy Better Traffic

Part of the initial problem you might be facing has to do with the traffic that you buy. On some networks, the good traffic might be too expensive. Other networks might require heavy targeting to get the results you want. Look around for alternative display advertising networks and try purchasing some traffic from different sources to see if conversion rates improve. It may be that one network purchases placements that gel better with your campaign, or you could recover some of your costs buying cheaper traffic with higher placements.

Optimize the Funnel

Every campaign has a goal, and every goal has a funnel the user must go through to reach the end. Use your analytics software to review the pages in your funnel, and look for the pages that have the highest bounce rate. Think about ways to reduce the time the user spends filling out forms, the amount of clicks it takes to get to the end, and how fast your page loads. Cut everything you don’t need.


Final Thoughts


As you prepare your landing pages, label everything. Most banner advertising networks will give you some parameter that you can append to your URL that will track all traffic from that ad group. Consider adding your own tracking to the page, like event tracking to see how long a video is played. Review your reports and look for the highest performers.

Bio: Pierre Zarokian is a digital marketing guru with 20 years of experience in SEO and web development. His company Submit Express had won the Inc5000 awards 3 times and Fast500 twice.

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