How Much Do Streaming Services Charge?

Article by Herb Kimble.

Everyone seems tired of cable and they’re now searching for some other way to get their media content. That’s where streaming services come in. Today, there are a number of these services that supply content for a reduced price.

Both Hulu and Sling have become increasingly popular. But others are catching up fast, such as Fubu and Playstation Vue. Each service offers a basic package that includes the primary channels like CBS, NBC and ABC. But they also offer channels like USA, SyFy, TBS, and AMC. For a little bit extra, you can get your favorite sports, news and premium channels as well.

Extras You Might Want

There are lots of add-ons and extras you can get nowadays from streaming services. One of the most important is Cloud DVR. With this service, you can save your favorite programs to the cloud and watch them anytime and from any device. Each service should provide Cloud DVR but they will differ on the number of hours of programming that can be recorded.

Below are the basic prices for the popular streaming services:

Fubu TV: Only offers one plan with 100+ channels that includes popular sports channels. Includes 30 hours of cloud DVR.

Hulu: Starts at $5.99 for basic on-demand, but live streaming starts at $44.99. Includes 50 hours of cloud DVR.

Sling: Prices start at $25 per month for live streaming but there are 3 plans and lots of add-ons that can affect prices. They charge extra for cloud DVR.

AT&T Watch TV: Basic service is $15 but does not offer Cloud DVR. This is a no-frills service.

DirectTVNow: Prices start at $50 per month for 45 channels plus HBO. Get 60 channels for $70 per month. Includes HBO and Cinemax.

Playstation Vue: $49 per month for basic channels. At $85 per month, users can get all major channels plus sports and premium channels.

This article was provided by Herb Kimble. Herb Kimble is an entrepreneur, as well as a dedicated actor, and growing film producer. He is currently based in the Los Angeles area, where he has co-founded CineFocus Productions and is working toward the release of his upcoming streaming service, Urban Flix.

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