Google's 'Data Liberation Front' Aims to Make Your Data Portable

In the current frenzy of social networks and connecting people, most people have come to the realization that migrating data such as content, blog posts and pictures is a nightmare. Facebook, Twitter and many such popular social networking sites are guilty of this. However, the folks at Google may have the answer we have all been waiting for.

Google’s data liberation front’s goal is to allow you to quickly pack-up your data and take it wherever you please; simply put, Google wants you to use their services because you like them, not just because you are trapped and cannot go anywhere else. Many of the tools on the web do not allow you to do simple things such as a batch download of all your photos. Google’s Data Liberation team manager Brian Fitzpatrick provides a great analogy for this issue “imagine you want to move out of your apartment but your landlord says that you can leave any time you want but you can’t take any of your stuff”. This will become a bigger issue than it is right now in the future when people want to move their data to a better or cooler service. Google’s new initiative may not offer all the answers, however it is comforting to know that a competent team of engineers are working on something that could end up being mainstream in the years to come.

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