A new kind of servers are catching on

Google, Facebook and Amazon.com are shaking the worldwide server market.  Instead of relying on two big server vendors, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell, they are picking parts and assembling their servers at other low-cost places such as Asia where smaller Inventec, Quanta, and Wistron are located to serve their needs.   These providers make up of about 35 percent of the server market.  HP alone accounts for 26.5 percent of the world server sales volume and Dell accounts for 21.3 percent.  The worldwide server market is estimated to be worth around $52.5billion and makes 9.7 million units a year.

The ever increasing demand for cloud computing creates demand for big data centers that uses huge number of servers.  Another big area where servers are experiencing growth is streaming videos and online purchases mainly due to customer demand.  Large corporations to governments use servers to serve their data storage and access needs.

Another development in the server area is single machine doing many tasks simultaneously.  In the past, there was a server dedicated for each task.  The new concept of a single server handling many tasks has been brought to operation by VMware and catching on with big users.

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