A cheaper but safer alternative to cloud computing

Clouds are everywhere. It appeals to many businesses because they can avoid buying expensive storage equipment and software, maintenance and staff to run them. For a fraction of that cost, companies can get the same service from cloud. Among the providers of software for businesses to run their operations Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox lead the pack. Then there are others such as Salesforce.com and Workday that not only rent software but also provide cloud service.

If you are a small business or an individual that has lots of pictures, movies and music that you like to carry with you and do not need the monthly expense to rent the cloud services, you have an alternative. You can buy your own cloud for little as $300. One product that is available in the market is Transporter Private Cloud sold by filetransporter.com that comes with one terabyte of storage and can be remotely accessed. It provides your own cloud which can be accessed only from your own devices such as your smartphone, tablet or PC. These devices can access your data that reside in the Transporter Private Cloud through the Internet providing you with much needed security and easy access to large data files.

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